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Since the creation of the IEEE Sensors Council France in 2018, the Board members are fully committed to initiating a strong national community on sensors, with international visibility. The first IEEE France Sensors chapter workshop in 2018, in Nancy, gathered a perfect mix of over 80 students, researchers, university professors and companies from 18 French cities. In the same dynamic, in 2019,  the 2nd edition in Dijon was a success. The 3rd workshop of the chapter, realized in collaboration with IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Chapter France, was held in virtually because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and reached 100 participants. This 4th workshop of the IEEE SENSOR Chapter France will also be held virtually and will focus on the field of miniaturized, integrated and autonomous sensors for Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications.


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Local committee from Aix-Marseille University
at IM2NP (Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence)

 S. BERNARDINI, Assoc. Prof. – General Chair
K. AGUIR, Prof.
D. BARAKEL, Assoc. Prof.
D. LOLLMAN, Assoc. Prof.
É. BÉNÉVENT, Assoc. Prof.
 F. LE PENNEC, PhD. Student.
C. OCCELLI, PhD. Student.

IEEE Sensors France National Board

H. HALLIL, Assoc. Prof., Bordeaux Univ. & IMS
J. ROSSIGNOL, Assoc. Prof., Bourgogne Franche Comté Univ. & ICB
E. MARTINCIC, Assoc. Prof. Paris-Saclay Univ. & C2N
L. RENAUD, Assoc. Prof. Lyon Univ. & INL
S. BERNARDINI, Assoc. Prof. Aix-Marseille Univ. & IM2NP
C. GHOUILA-HOURI, Centrale Lille & IEMN
O. ELMAZRIA, Université de Lorraine & IJL
P. PONS, CNRS Dr. Toulouse Univ. & LAAS-CNRS

Aix-Marseille University

The largest multidisciplinary French-speaking university, Aix-Marseille University (AMU) welcomes 80,000 students and nearly 8,000 staff on 5 large campuses of international standards. Owning 90% of its assets, the university is present in 9 cities in 4 departments of the Southern Region.
Its A*Midex University Foundation, which carries the IDEX on a long-term basis, contributes to the development of a world-class interdisciplinary higher education and research centre. Known as an « intensive research university », it is home to 122 research structures linked to major national research organisations.

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